Friday, March 22, 2019

Get rid of our titles & what do we share?
Be it love?.. Be it hate?..
On this planet we share the same fate.
Love your sisters & brothers..
Not as you would the food on your plate.
Skin and bones in want of a warm heart & warm home.
No worries of boogeymen putting you under.
We feel complicated. Hey.. everything out there is complicated
Multifaceted is everyone's experience.
On the learning curve you're at the bend here, they're at the bend there..
Live & let live.
Make choices with the best of intentions.
Be easy on yourself knowing you did your best.
Die with your integrity..
And love in your soul.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


When you're a little one, wild and free..
So full of love and glee.
When you reach the coming of age..
The nights were always young.
When you fall in love..
You're floating and time seems to stand still.
When you hold your first child..
Time seems to slip away, you pray for another day..
When you're old and grey..
And you remember each day..
All in a blink of an eye..
In a blink of an eye.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Bittersweet 2

Life is bittersweet.

For it to be anything else would be false.
It isn't without pain and destruction..
It isn't without love and beauty..
Sometimes you find answers in solitude, sometimes its a must.
Sometimes you find them with acts of charity.
To love isn't always something felt in your heart..
Sometimes its through blood, sweat and tears..
Sometimes accomplishment is to realize you have gotten to the point you're standing.
Sometimes its looking back and saying, "wow".
Happiness is strongest in the moment of knowing..
It's THIS very moment of accepting and feeling whatever it is that's this reality.
It's believing that there is more, if you embrace it.
Bittersweet it is to feel so much more than yourself..
And despite your limits, you know you must keep the ripples alive.


Friday, September 15, 2017


Live with mindful intentions & live with integrity...

Don't let the negative noise of the world take away your kindness. That inner peace takes nurturing.. And that inner glow will illuminate like a ripple spreads from a drop in the ocean.

Its definitely something that takes practice.. Saying a big F*** you to the world is the easiest route to take, and its the lowest.


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Over a decade

Over a decade of knowing you.. Even after our many years of perseverance I can't help but think of you... Away for an hour or two I'm still left with a feeling of anticipation Its hard not to when every breath of me, lives You You'll always be my fierce and handsome funny man. You may be my obsession, but you'll never be my possession.. An occasion of jealousy, keeping me on my toes I wouldn't love you any other way. Its the only way I know how. All my heart, all my mind.. All consuming


Monday, February 20, 2017


Thankful for all that has come and gone, this moment. Every stumble, every fall, the tears and laughter (especially the laughter) along the way. Alhamdulilah.